Scar therapy

LymphaTouch Pro knee scar treatment

Treat scars with negative pressure

The negative pressure and mechanical vibration of the LymphaTouch® device can effectively soften fibrotic and scar tissue adhesions, improving tissue elasticity, flexibility and joint range of motion.

LymphaTouch® treatment promotes oxygenation and lymphatic drainage of the treated area, which can contribute to wound healing and prevent adhesions. The device treatment can be started on the day of surgery. LymphaTouch® offers an effective and comfortable way to treat both fresh and older scars.

Treatment examples

  • Surgical scars
  • C-sections
  • Burns
  • Fibrosis
  • Other contusions
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LymphaTouch devices

A versatile tool for healthcare professionals

The effects of LymphaTouch treatments have been clinically studied in different patient groups and areas of rehabilitation.

Case example

The client had undergone a breast saving operation, a lumpectomy, during the year. There was significant lymphatic hardening in the right arm and the veins had closed due to intensive chemo and radiotherapy.

Eight treatment sessions were spread over three months. The treatment included manual scar treatment, laser treatment and LymphaTouch treatment.

Cancer rehabilitation patient, UK

Use LymphaTouch® for

Edema management

Soft tissue mobilization

Scar therapy

Pain management