“This has been my best work in 22 years, as a physiotherapist and scar specialist!”

The client attended HLP Therapy Limited in August 2022. The previous year, she had undergone a lumpectomy of her left breast, i.e. breast-sparing surgery. After the operation, the client developed significant cording in the left upper limb with hardening and vein shut down in the right upper limb, as a result of intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She was unable to use her right side, because of the pain, tightness, and how the arm looked. In addition, significant muscle loss was observed, and the client was unable to go back to work or drive her car. This had a huge detrimental impact on her physical and emotional wellbeing.

Hannah knew she would be able to make changes to the cording and lumpectomy scars, because she has extensive experience within these areas. However, the condition of the right arm was new to Hannah, and she was not sure what the response to treatment would be, especially since the prognosis given by doctors indicated a permanent condition, with no treatment options.

The physiotherapy and scar therapy treatment period, lasted a total of three months, with eight treatments in total. The physiotherapy session also included home exercises to strengthen the upper limb. After the first two 60-minute physiotherapy and scar therapy sessions, the tissues around the veins began to soften.

The arm was treated as follows:

  1. Scar massage, 10 – 15 minutes
  2. Category 3B laser treatment, 5 minutes
  3. LymphaTouch treatment, 10 mm cup, 350 mmHg, 15-20 minutes

The LymphaTouch treatment made a significant change to the scar and tight tissues during the second physiotherapy and scar therapy session. It was a vital part of the treatment plan for this client. The image after the arm treatment period was taken after the eighth treatment. Currently, the client regularly undergoes maintenance treatments twice a month, which include scar massage, LymphaTouch treatments and conditioning exercises.

“I strongly believe that I would not have achieved these results without LymphaTouch”

The client case has been shared by Hannah Poulton, Womens Health Physiotherapist and Scar Specialist, owner of  HLP Therapy Limited.