Orton is Finland’s largest private hospital focusing on demanding specialised medical care, specialising in joint replacement and back surgeries as well as a wide range of pain management and rehabilitation services.

The first LymphaTouch devices were made available to Orton’s physiotherapists already in 2010.

The LymphaTouch device is used in Orton’s rehabilitation and therapy services. Especially postoperatively, e.g., after knee replacement surgery, the treatment of swelling is of great benefit with LymphaTouch along with other therapy. Also, for dealing with scars, the device is an excellent working tool. If left untreated, both swelling and tightening scars slow down rehabilitation. LymphaTouch treatment is usually a moment of relief for the patient, as the effect of the treatment in reducing swelling, can already be seen at the first treatment. The reduction of swelling contributes to the mobility of the knee and enables more effective training in rehabilitation. This will take rehabilitation forward if the swelling and the pain it brings have hindered the progress of rehabilitation.

In lymphatic drainage, the device has also been used in addition to manual lymphatic drainage therapy, e.g. for the treatment of fibrotic tissue. By combining manual lymphatic drainage therapy and LymphaTouch therapy, results can also be achieved effectively in the treatment of, for example, swelling of the ankle and metatarsal area.

The LymphaTouch device can be used as part of physiotherapy for pain patients. The treatment of pain patients is challenging, and treatment methods are selected individually as needed. For some pain patients, LymphaTouch can be a good help alongside or support manual therapies. Sensitized tissue can sometimes tolerate low-intensity negative pressure therapy better than manual handling. One example is a patient with nerve damage whose sensitized tissue in the lower limb cannot withstand manual handling, but LymphaTouch treatment can be performed with a negative pressure of 35 mmHg.

The LymphaTouch device is easy to use, the user interface is clear and customers find the device treatment pleasant. The negative pressure of the device lifts tissue and that is effective in treating scars and tight tissues, for example. The 10 mm cup in the device will be a good addition to the treatment of scars. In addition, LymphaTouch is a good tool and a big plus is that it makes it possible to lighten your own work if you do a lot of manual treatments.

Orton’s experiences were shared by physiotherapists Jutta and Juulia.