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LymphaTouhc Pro calf treatment


LymphaTouch for Burns Management
Janine Evans, Rachel Wiltshire, Donna King and LymphaTouch & Physiquipe teams 2020

Comparing and Contrasting Cupping and Targeted Negative Pressure
Ken Johnson and Physiquipe Team 2020

Myofascial Decompression
Therapy Natalie Perkins, Dominic Smith and Team Physiquipe 2020

Soft Tissue Management for the Performing Artist
– Andrea Lasner 2020

From Rehab to Performance: Improve Outcomes with Innovative Negative Pressure Therapy Protocols
Andrew Conteras, Sue Falsone, John Pecora, Jeff Tucker 2020

LymphaTouch introduktion
LymphaTouch Team (ruotsiksi, på svenska) 2020

LymphaTouch in Cancer Rehabilitation
LymphaTouch Team 2020

Considerations and clinical applications of mechanically assisted negative pressure therapy for orthopedic and oncologic populations
Ken Johnson & Heather Prender, Johns Hopkins Hospital 2019

LymphaTouch® as part of pain management
Leena Vallin (Finnish) 2019

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