LymphaTouch® devices

LymphaTouch model LT01


LymphaTouch is a more compact device suitable for lighter use. LymphaTouch is ideal for lymphatic treatment, especially for the facial area and delicate tissue, and for the treatment of local scars. The device has a maximum pressure of 250 mmHg.

LymphaTouch Pro LT02 device

LymphaTouch Pro

LymphaTouch Pro is particularly suitable for effective treatment of soft tissue, fascia and swelling. The device has been designed with the professional in mind to withstand heavy use. With LymphaTouch Pro it is possible to achieve a negative pressure of up to 400mmHg. LymphaTouch Pro also includes ready-to-use treatment programmes.

LymphaTouch LT01 LymphaTouch Pro LT02
Pressure range20 – 250 mmHg60 – 400 mmHg
Built-in treatment programsNoYes
MaterialsSlim plastic design for lighter use and maximum portabilityIndustrial-grade plastic and steel frame designed to withstand continuous, heavy-duty use
BatteryRechargeable battery with 8 hours of continuous useRechargeable battery with 8 hours of continuous use
Weight1.1 kg 3.1 kg
Warranty*1 year2 years

LymphaTouch Oy is an ISO13485:2016 certified medical device manufacturer. We provide medical devices for the EU, UK, USA, Australia and other markets. Some products may not have medical device marketing approval in all markets. Please contact our customer service for information on approvals for specific countries.

*Warranty terms apply.

  • Small and battery powered makes the device easy to always carry around
  • Clinically approved with significant scientific evidence
  • Reduces the strain of the therapist’s hands
  • The treatment is comfortable and suitable also for sensitive patients

The LymphaTouch® method

The negative pressure and high-frequency mechanical vibration generated by the device activate lymphatic circulation and soft tissue in the treatment area.

The activation of the lymphatic system is achieved by the negative pressure created by the LymphaTouch method. This helps to reduce the build-up of swelling fluid and other waste products, such as inflammatory substances, in the area being treated, thus enhancing the body’s own healing process.

Soft tissue activation refers to the mechanical treatment technique of LymphaTouch, where the device’s cup is moved against the client’s skin. The negative pressure allows the tissue to be lifted, which helps to relax soft tissues, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension.

LymphaTouch devices

Effective and patient-friendly

LymphaTouch is a versatile and effective medical device that provides relief for various health problems and promotes the body’s own healing process. The negative pressure and mechanical high-frequency vibration produced by the device activate the circulation of lymph fluid and soft tissue in the treated area.

LymphaTouch® benefits

LymphaTouch improves treatment results and allows the therapist to work more efficiently.
LymphaTouch saves the hands and time of the therapist
The versatile range of applications offers the possibility to extend the range of services.

Optimize work ergonomics and save therapist’s hands with device-assisted therapy.

Battery-powered and portable – with 8 hours of operating time, treatments can be performed in the clinic, on home visits or on the road.

Accurate device controlled negative pressure for personalized treatment suitable even for sensitive patients.

Proven effective – A wealth of clinical studies and positive user experiences.

Customer testimonials

For therapists who want one product that will provide a variety of treatment options, LymphaTouch is definitely worth the investment. Easy to use, effective, and high patient satisfaction, this product is set apart from all others on the market.

Kathy McGinty, PTA, CLT, Johns Hopkins Hospital, USA

The scar is no longer as tight or itchy as it was before the treatment. The scar is smoother and sometimes I might even forget it exists because I don’t feel it the same way as before the treatment.  The treatment felt like a very small thing to do compared to the change that has taken place. I had my doubts about whether a mini-vacuum like that could work

Post c-section mom

LymphaTouch is easy to use, the user interface is clear and clients find the device comfortable to use. The device’s negative pressure creates lift, which is effective for treating scars and tight tissues, among other things. The 10 mm cup of the device is a good addition for the treatment of scars.

Physiotherapist | Orton

My hands wish I had discovered this device years ago and whilst it cannot reverse the arthritic changes that have already occurred in my fingers, it most certainly will minimise further deterioration and already has reduced the pain I previously experienced on a daily basis.

Natalie Perkins | Principal Physiotherapist & Owner | Bodyworks Physiotherapy. Australia

LymphaTouch negative pressure therapy has been an effective treatment from the acute inflammatory phase to the end of rehabilitation for pain relief, edema reduction and injury healing.

Peetu Lehmus | Physiotherapist | Athletic Trainer Peetu Lehmus

As a result of the injury, swelling and tissue fluid packed into the injury area, causing tightness and limited knee mobility. Clear signs of progression were seen about a week after the start of treatment, with a significant reduction in swelling and tightness in the lower limb. The treatment was comfortable and painless from the start.

Finnish National Team X-country skier

LymphaTouch© is one of the best negative pressure devices in the market for its portability and its durability, just what Football needs. It is a great addition for hands on treatment which allows you to reach deeper levels than just hands on alone.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Robledo | PT | Former First Team Physiotherapist at Liverpool FC

From abdominal scar tissue remediation to promote intra abdominal pressure, to preventatively optimizing fascial plane function in and around bony prominences like the Pelvis, Hip and Knee the LymphaTouch© has become an integral technology on tour. It is perfect for acute injury recovery through facilitating lymphatic decompression.

Dr Chris Prosser | B.Sc. B.App.Sc.(Chiro). C.C.S.P | Medical Director, World Surf League

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