Client came to HLP therapy to see if they could make the difference in the lumpectomy scars.

The client has 27 year old breast scar from two lumpectomies in the same scar. The main issues was pinching, tightness, restriction, pain and unable to wear bra correctly.

Client went through four treatment sessions with HLP therapy each session lasted 45 minutes. Therapy included LymphaTouch treatments, scar therapy, changes in exercises, diet and hydration. LymphaTouch was the main component of the treatment.

LymphaTouch treaments was done in 350 mmHg with small 10 mm treatment head. Treatment was done in two 15 minute intervals directly into the scar and in to the tight area of tissue thickening.

Treatment results was following:

  • After the first treatment session the client felt a 60% reduction in pain.
  • After the second treatment session the client was able to wear a bar comfortably for the first time in 27 years.
  • After the third treatment the breast was fuller and tightness was reduced by 80%
  • After the fourth and final treatment session the breast scar was softer, less pinned, fuller breast, no pain and tightness was reduced by 85% and the client was extremely happy with the results.

The client case has been shared by Hannah Poulton, Womens Health Physiotherapist and Scar Specialist, owner of  HLP Therapy Limited.