Leena Vallin, yours truly, is a nurse and entrepreneur but also the only person working at the company. I’m a nurse who is specialized in internal medicine surgery with working experience of 30 years in health care. I have finished my degree in Pain Management Expertise in JAMK University of Applied Sciences in 2000-2002. I graduated as a lymphatic therapist in 2009 when I also purchased my very first LymphaTouch device. Since then, I’ve used it every day with every single of my patients in treating both pain and swelling. It is impossible to count the hours used with the device anymore! Number of patients has been more over 900 treatment sessions per year at best. But now I’ve been consciously trying to reduce the number of patients.

LymphaTouch device is an excellent tool for comprehensive body care. Device works as a third hand of a nurse/therapist. It helps gently to treat tissues and structures that would be hard to reach with own hands (e.g. suboccipital muscles, intercostal muscles and joint spaces). However, it is important to understand some physiology, anatomy and biochemistry to justifiably support body functions with the device and choose proper settings and pressure values for treated area.

LymphaTouch helps me to activate tissue metabolism, mobilize skin, connective tissue and muscles and treat joints and fibrotic tissue easily and effectively. Negative pressure is gentler way to treat sensitive and fragile skin compared to hands. In terms of neuropathic pain, negative pressure might be the only method that painful area can tolerate without pain increasing unbearable. LymphaTouch is a game changer is reducing swelling. I can activate lymphatic system fast and effectively by pulling the tissue. I can redirect fluid with negative pressure according to watersheds. Negative pressure combined with high frequency vibration soften up and break fibrotic tissue, developed by swelling, better than manual treatment. LymphaTouch treatment is cost-effective, since LymphaTouch treatment fastens up the results of the treatments and shortens up treatment sessions.

I use LymphaTouch for acute (e.g. sprains, ruptures, bruises, postoperative pain, acute muscle related pain etc) and chronic pain (MSD, rheumatic pain, arthrosis pain, cancer related pain, metabolic diseases, diabetic neuropathy, CRPS etc.) management. Most of my patients are affected by lymphedema as a result of mechanical dysfunction of lymphatic system after cancer surgery or radiation, and also lipedema patients. I recommend LymphaTouch-device for all therapists who deal with body care in their work.

In Porvoo 28.1.2019
Leena Vallin, esh, kivunhodon asiantuntija, lymfaterapeutti, yrittäjä
Sairaanhoitopalvelu-Leena (Y-tunnus 2060535-7)

Sairaanhoitopalvelu-Leena produces service for pain management and manual lymphatic drainage in Porvoo, Finland. Operation started in 2007. You can find more information from the website www.sairaanhoitopalveluleena.com. Address for the company is Epoontie 627, 06200 Porvoo.