About us

Finnish technological expertise

LymphaTouch was born in Finland in 2005 out of a desire to help patients with lymphatic and circulatory problems, using a device we developed using negative pressure technology.

LymphaTouch provided the market with a new, easy-to-use and effective solution for patients recovering from breast cancer treatments, among others. Over the years, the device has also provided assistance in many other applications.

LymphaTouch Oy is certified as an ISO13485 compliant medical device manufacturer and our LymphaTouch device has received CE and US FDA medical device approval. At the heart of our development has always been a strong belief in both the technology and the product itself.

LymphaTouch-laitteen käyttö

A diverse team of experts

LymphaTouch shareholders include Innovestor, one of Finland’s leading private equity firms, and a number of private investors. LymphaTouch Oy Board of Directors is chaired by Dr. Leena Niemistö, MD, physiatrist and board professional.

The company’s key people form a diverse team, combining many years of experience in the medical device industry and its sub-sectors. The LymphaTouch team has expertise ranging from technology, manufacturing and regulatory affairs, to international trade and sales, and also in clinical rehabilitation work.

Over the years, this multi-professional teamwork has produced impressive results.

Power in a compact package

Despite its small size, LymphaTouch is a very powerful device. The vibration combined with mechanical vacuum stimulates the lymphatic system and improves lymph flow, reducing swelling and improving blood circulation.

The device offers patients faster and more effective results than traditional manual massage or compression therapy, while also improving the ergonomics of the therapists’s own work.

The LymphaTouch vision

We are the leading manufacturer of manual therapy-based rehabilitation.

Feedback motivates development

“It is hugely inspiring to receive positive feedback from patients whose quality of life has improved as a result of LymphaTouch treatments. As is the feedback from the rehabilitation professionals whose daily work we have been able to make easier with our device,” says Janne Matikainen, CEO of LymphaTouch Oy.

This feedback motivates the whole team to develop the device technology to make it more efficient, easier to use and more reliable.

Customer feedback is also helping to drive LymphaTouch to expand its business so that we can continue to bring the technology to more patients and professionals.

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