The Finnish cross-country skier was injured as a result of a fall and suffered a serious soft tissue injury to his left thigh. During the first few weeks, the athlete used canes and was able to give them up after a couple of weeks. A challenge to rehabilitation was swelling and interstitial fluid buildup in the injured area, which showed no signs of reduction for after 2.5 weeks after the injury.

There was swelling in the thigh and knee area, which limited the range of motion of the knee. In addition, there was significant tightness in the thigh. At the first physiotherapy visit, the knee flexion was 70 degrees, and when squatting on two legs, active range of motion was 80 degrees. LymphaTouch treatments started four weeks after injury.

LymphaTouch treatment

The goal of the LymphaTouch treatments was to reduce swelling and tightness in the injury area. The treatments were carried out as self-care. The athlete received instructions on how to use the device and the treatment protocols to be used. As treatment protocols, a preoperative program (30 min) and a local treatment program (10 min) were used to relieve tension in the thigh area.

LymphaTouch treatments were carried out on average every other day and approximately 20–30 minutes were spent at a time.


The treatment was pleasant and painless from the beginning. The athlete noticed a decrease in the feeling of pressure in the thigh area after each treatment.

The first clear signs of improvement were observed after the first week and around the fifth treatment. Swelling in the knee area was significantly reduced and knee mobility improved. The tightness in the thigh area softened during the first week, when the tissue began to rise under negative pressure. 

At four weeks, the swelling and tightness were completely gone. The knee flexion after a four-week treatment period was 140 degrees, and when standing in a two-legged squat, it was 120 degrees. After this, the goal of the LymphaTouch treatment shifted to support recovery from the exercises.


The athlete found the device easy to use, effective and painless. The physiotherapist noticed that the range of motion of the knee increased significantly and quickly after the treatment with LymphaTouch was started.