Tuuli Luhtalampi is a Finnish physiotherapist specialising in mothers and babies, who has incorporated LymphaTouch into her treatment of post c-section treatments. Tuuli owns her own clinic, which offers a wide range of physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage and group classes. She also shares experiences and information on preparing for childbirth and holistic postnatal recovery through the Return from Childbirth community together with her colleague Annakaisa.

“I introduced LymphaTouch in my maternity physiotherapy practice for the management of post c-section scars. Clients were immediately excited to book appointments for treatment and the reception has been really good. At the first appointment I have examined the scar’s mobility, skin sensation and used LymphaTouch to treat the scar in addition to manual techniques. I soon found that the LymphaTouch wins against manual techniques in many situations.

In the past, I have tried to create a similar vacuum and lift on scar tissue with suction cups for dry cupping. However, they have been awkward to use and have not been very successful in sliding in the abdomen, where the surrounding tissues are quite soft.

The LymphaTouch has been extremely easy to use due to its infinitely variable adjustment, different sized treatment cups and pulse and vibration feature. Customers have described the treatment as pleasant and have been amazed that there is hardly any sensation during the treatment, apart from a slight stretching sensation. The best part has been hearing how, after just one treatment, the client has noticed a change in scar itching, tightening and even appearance as a result of the treatment and home exercises.”

-Tuuli Luhtalampi

Customer feedback after LymphaTouch treatments: 

”The treatment was a good experience. After the treatment I felt like I’d had a massage, as if my metabolism had kick-started. I remember a little scarring after the treatment, but not badly. I feel like the scar is moving a bit better now and maybe even a bit lighter in colour.”

Client 1

”The scar is no longer as tight or itchy as it was before the treatment. The scar is smoother and sometimes I might even forget it exists because I don’t feel it the same way as before the treatment.  The treatment felt like a very small thing to do compared to the change that has taken place. I had my doubts about whether a mini-vacuum like that could work on an old scar, but my doubts were completely wrong!  With the help of the home instructions I’ve got the routine down and the belief that even an old scar can still be treated and the game is not lost! :)”  

Client 2

“Immediately after the treatment it was slightly red and felt like it was being treated for the first time. It just felt good, it felt like the blood was flowing to the area again and the skin was getting the stimulation it needed, but it also felt a bit tender as the scar had been untouched for so long.

My scar was reasonably clean to begin with, so there has been no change in appearance, but the numbness and tightness has eased! This is what I was hoping for from the treatment so I’m really pleased with this one-time effect. I would guess that the improvement in numbness has been more pronounced than the improvement in tightness, but there is a positive change in both.”

Client 3