SUHK Mama is a physiotherapy centre specialising in women’s health, operating in Finland in four cities. The physiotherapy centre focuses on the treatment of different stages of women’s life cycles: from the first menstruation, to pregnancy, recovery from it and all the way to menopause. In SUHK Mama works extensively trained physiotherapists and osteopaths who specialize in women’s health and maternal and pelvic floor physiotherapy. 

Terhi Antikainen is one of the founders of SUHK and has worked as a physiotherapist in her company for the past 15 years, the last 5 years of which have been spent closely developing SUHK Mama. Her mission is to promote the health and well-being of women. In addition to specializing in maternal and pelvic floor physiotherapy, she is a personal trainer, Somatic pilates instructor and Heartful yoga teacher.

“LymphaTouch has been in versatile use at SUHK Mama. The introduction of the device has been easy thanks to its usability and ready-made programs. The device is lightweight and easy to move between treatment rooms – but also between clinics.

We mainly use LymphaTouch for C-section scars, pregnancy and postpartum swelling, and postoperative recovery such as breast cancer surgeries.

Our customers’ experience with LymphaTouch treatment has been positive. The treatment feels pleasant and helps even in moments when ordinary manual soft tissue treatment is still painful. “

Terhi Antikainen