Physiotherapist Sonja works at Docrates Cancer Center, supporting the prevention of musculoskeletal problems, treatment and rehabilitation of dysfunctions, counseling and advice for cancer patients. LymphaTouch has been supporting cancer rehabilitation at Docrates since 2020.

Sonja describes her experience with LymphaTouch as follows:

“LymphaTouch has been a versatile tool for cancer rehabilitation and other musculoskeletal physiotherapy. The device is used to treat scars, tightness, swelling and pain. The treatment takes 15-30 minutes at a time, depending of course on the goal of the treatment and the area to be treated, and then there is also time to do exercises.

I mostly use LymphaTouch to treat scars and pain. The results of scar treatment can be seen and felt after the first treatment. The scar becomes more flexible and joint mobility improves, for example in the aftermath of mastectomy. The vibration of the LymphaTouch device also enhances scar treatment. I have found techniques such as tension-relieving treatment with pulse and higher negative pressure values to be particularly effective. In addition, I have found the combination of 300 mmHg negative pressure and vibration to be particularly effective in the treatment of plantar fasciitis.

LymphaTouch has enabled me to have a wider range of options for treating swelling, even though I am not a lymphatic therapist. LymphaTouch has also reduced the strain on my hands. The device is versatile for physiotherapists as it allows for a wider range of manual treatments and pain management for a variety of clients.”

About Docrates

Docrates Cancer Center, based in Helsinki, Finland, is a leading international treatment facility specializing in the diagnostics, treatment and follow-up of cancers. The hospital opened its doors in 2007. Located in the immediate vicinity of the city centre, it provides comprehensive service for cancer patients. Docrates is a completely Finnish-owned private hospital that in 2023 had nearly 19.000 patient visits. The cancer center has a permanent staff of over 85 and more than 30 cancer treatment specialists working as external clinical experts.

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