LymphaTouch enables an effective and researched method of rehabilitation. Pain management requires more drug-free and non-invasive treatment methods, for which LymphaTouch is a great option.

Negative pressure therapy is a safe and comfortable device for rehabilitation. Thanks to adjustable functions, treatment can be provided individually, efficiently, and painlessly. Compared to other negative pressure treatments, LymphaTouch is even gentler. Based on the measurable results obtained from the treatment, it is easy to plan the progress of the treatment and monitor the recovery of the injured area

When the treatment head of LymphaTouch is in close contact with the skin, it creates negative pressure in the tissue by itself, which causes the skin and tissue to stretch. As the tissue stretches, the lymphatic ducts open, causing lymph to flow from the intercellular space to the lymphatic vessels. The stretching of the walls of the lymphatic vessels enhances the natural pumping of lymphatic circulation in the body, which enhances lymphatic circulation and its removal from the body.

Musculoskeletal symptoms and LymphaTouch

Due to its negative pressure and mechanical vibration, LymphaTouch is suitable for many different cup sizes. Two typical chronic musculoskeletal symptoms are carpal tunnel syndrome and shin splints.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in about 1-2 out of a hundred in men and in about 2-5 out of a hundred in women. The nerve compression that causes the syndrome can arise quickly as a result of swelling caused by an injury or gradually as a result of strain on the wrist caused by work or hobbies. Typical symptoms primarily include numbness of the thumb, as well as in other fingers.

The effect of LymphaTouch on the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome has been investigated through research. The subjects of this study suffered from typical carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms – numbness, tingling, pain reflected in the upper limb in the wrist joint, asthenia, and etc. Symptoms appeared at night, in the morning and sometimes during the day with exertion. After treatment with LymphaTouch, subjects experienced up to 50% reduction in symptoms. Three weeks after treatment, 28% of subjects felt that symptoms were still mild compared to the study baseline.

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome or Shin Splint

Medical tibial stress syndrome, or shin splint, is caused by a strain or injury to the lower leg, the muscle group in the lower leg swells and the membrane surrounding the muscles does not give up, so due to the narrowing of the muscle compartment, blood circulation is constricted. A typical symptom is pain in the muscle group, especially when extending the ankle, which worsens with exertion. Distemper can arise from injury or it can develop slowly.

The effect of LymphaTouch on distemper was investigated in a study in which 95% of participants reported regular exercise that included running. 35% of the group said that in addition to running, exercise included jumps and jumps, which cause shaking and predispose them to distemper.

The study investigated how far one can walk and run without pain. The test was done before and after treatments with LymphaTouch. In the beginning, the painless walk was 1–5 km. At the end of the treatment, the painless walk was extended to 5−10 kilometers. More than 10 km could be walked by equal numbers at the beginning and end of the test. Painless walking had increased for up to 40% of the study group participants.

At the beginning of the test, the painless running distance was 1–5 km for 10 subjects and 5–10 km for only one. At the end of the test, 6 subjects ran painlessly 1–5 km and 5 subjects ran 5–10 km. The painless running distance was increased in 25% of the subjects. In the initial measurement, the average harm caused by distemper to physical activity on a scale of 0 to 10 was 6.05 and in the final measurement the mean was 4.05.


Both studies were able to verify symptom relief with regular use of LymphaTouch. The negative pressures lift in the tissue works for the rehabilitation of both acute injuries and injuries caused by overexertion.

LymphaTouch made it possible to continue playing the flute

“LymphaTouch has been an integral part of the rehabilitation of severe wrist fracture surgery and several months of highly painful neuropathy. My entire upper limb, from the shoulder to the fingers, was locked. I play the flute professionally, and the doctor said I would never be able to play my flute again.

Eventually, my physiotherapist started LymphaTouch treatments as part of my rehabilitation. It took time – twice a week at first, then once a week, and finally every 2-3 weeks. Thanks to the LymphaTouch treatments, the wonderful professionalism of my therapist and the exercises I do at home, my mobility has improved by 95%. I will continue until I have recovered 100%. All my nerve pain is gone, and I can play my flute again. Deepest thanks to the developer of this amazing device – it has helped me get my life back.”

Marina Raye Black Mountain, NC


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