The LymphaTouch device has been employed for express use of treating all aspects of head and neck lymphedema with our cancer patients, who have devolved Lymphedema as a result of either surgery, such as neck dissection, radiation therapy +/- chemotherapy. The presentation of symptoms include: swelling, scar tissue, fibrosis and
myofascial adhesions. We also anticipate use with breast oedema.

The device has been used at a variety of stages but mostly within 2-4 weeks of surgery or radiation completion. As soon as the scars have knit together or the irradiated skin has begun to look less inflamed/red the device has been employed. The settings for treatment have been determined by treatment protocols recommended through training with the LymphaTouch Inc company, in concert with the therapists clinical assessment of appropriate pressure and duration.

Commonly, the Pulse mode and pressure range from 50 –150 mmHg have been employed, with more fragile tissues
having lower pressure, and fibrotic tissues coping with higher pressure. Pulse duration have been 3-10 before moving to another symptomatic zone. Again fragility and age of the tissues have determined application. The LymphaTouch device is very easy to use and is well received by patients who find the treatment very relaxing, pleasant and comforting. The feedback from patients is that they feel the tissue hardness has softened, the colour of the skin has improved and the scars are more pliable.

Sandra Templeton,

Occupational Therapist, Senior Lymphoedema Therapist

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Sydney