Päivi Peltomaa has been providing lymphatic and healthcare services for almost 30 years in the heart of downtown Helsinki. Päivi is a specialist nurse and Vodder-trained lymphatic therapist. She is an experienced professional who specializes particularly in post-cancer care and postoperative care, for example in joint replacement or cosmetic surgeries.

LymphaTouch as a Business Enabler

LymphaTouch has been an important tool for Päivi, especially in maintaining her own work capacity. Over the years, the physical work has caused wear and pain in Päivi’s body. Therefore, LymphaTouch has been crucial in her ability to continue working. As a self-employed therapist, any time away from client work directly affects her own finances.

“Having done lymphatic therapy for a long time, I’ve developed various ailments and wear in my own hands and back. Without LymphaTouch, I probably couldn’t work as long days due to hand osteoarthritis. The device allows me to work more painlessly and efficiently, which helps me continue my career and keep my business profitable.”

LymphaTouch, the Tireless Work Partner

Päivi is one of Finland’s most experienced LymphaTouch experts. She has been using various models of LymphaTouch devices for nearly as long as they have been on the market, almost 15 years now. Currently, Päivi uses LymphaTouch very actively:

“I now use LymphaTouch daily with every client and in various treatment situations. LymphaTouch is particularly good at handling massive swellings, such as lymphedema and lipoedema, where manual work might exhaust my own strength. LymphaTouch tirelessly performs treatments and with the device, I achieve results faster, if not better.

LymphaTouch is also excellent for scar treatment. One example is the postoperative condition of a knee joint replacement, where the scar over the patella often ‘grows attached’. I also see many breast reconstruction patients who have extensive scars that tighten and reduces functionality. With these clients, I use LymphaTouch to treat scar tissue. The treatment is really fast, easy, and pleasant for the client. I also perform fascia treatments, for which the latest LymphaTouch Pro has proven effective due to its increased power.”