Toni Vuolukka has his own company HC Hieronta, which offers sports massage services in Espoo, Finland. Toni has 10 years of experience in the field and has a background as a qualified massage therapist, personal trainer and bodybuilding coach.

His clientele consists of professional athletes, goal-oriented exercisers and normal active people. Clients come to Toni’s practice particularly for neck, shoulder and lower back problems.

“The most common reasons for clients to come for a massage have been common musculoskeletal issues. For athletes, I also provide recovery and pre-competition treatments”, Toni says.

The LymphaTouch has proven to be an effective tool in the hands of Toni, who feels the greatest added value of the device is the ability to provide a more varied manual treatment, which in turn has improved treatment outcomes.

“It’s difficult to create lift or twists in the tissue manually, but with LymphaTouch, these techniques are easy to do with the negative pressure created by the device. I used to do massages and finishing treatments solely by hand, but LymphaTouch has made these treatments more efficient and the results have been better. LymphaTouch’s pulsating negative pressure and mechanical vibration are also features that manual massage cannot offer, and have been very helpful to my clients. I also feel that LymphaTouch not only relaxes the body but also the mind. I can clearly see from the client’s appearance that stress levels have been lowered after the treatment”, Toni tells about his experiences with the use of Lympha Touch.

LymphaTouch’s adjustable negative pressure is suitable for both sensitive clients and those who need a more intense treatment, which Toni says has been helpful with athletes. With LymphaTouch Pro, the negative pressure can be adjusted up to 400 mmHg. Among the features of the device, Toni also highlights the precise pressure control and portability.

“The LymphaTouch’s variable pressure control is very handy. I can precisely adjust the pressure according to the client’s needs, which makes the treatments personalised. The device is also compact and easy to carry along to fitness competitions. For example, I have used LymphaTouch to give bodybuilders full body treatments to activate the fluid circulation and the results have been really great”, Toni shares his thoughts on the good features of LymphaTouch.