Annakaisa Hinkkanen is a women’s health and pelvic floor physiotherapist who has adopted LymphaTouch as part of her C-section treatments for post-partum customers. Annakaisa has a practice at the Terveystalo clinic in Jyväskylä, Finland. She also shares experiences and information about maternity physiotherapy and rehabilitation through the Palaudu Synnytyksestä (“Recovery from Childbirth”) online community together with her colleague Tuuli.

“LymphaTouch has received a super enthusiastic reception from clients and I was eager to try it myself. Clients repeatedly give feedback on how scar treatment with LymphaTouch is clearly more comfortable than when done manually, and many are already experiencing immediate effects such as a feeling of warmth and a reduction in tightness within the same day. Personally, I find the device easy to use. The infinitely variable adjustment and different cups make it easy to use with different clients.

In the future, I will definitely use the device for scar treatment with all those who have given birth by c-section, as well as for the release of tension in the back of my diastasis recti (abdominal separation) clients.”

– Annakaisa Hinkkanen

Customer feedback from Annakaisa’s LymphaTouch treatments

The scar area has been excitingly “lighter” and completely undetectable. So feels like yesterday’s treatment affected metabolism, and the warmth in the groin and pubic area continued well into the evening yesterday. The scar was also maybe a little lighter today, could be just a coincidence of course.

Customer 1

My observations after the C-section treatment: yesterday evening I felt a slight tingling sensation and noticed that the area had been treated. There was such a conscious feeling about that lower abdomen. The scar was also reddening until the evening.

Now this morning the scar feels a bit sensitive to touch. Not sore or uncomfortable, but you can tell that it has been treated and something has been done. I also tried positions where I have noticed the scar tightening in the past. The difference to before is very noticeable, because there is not the same tightening and stretching sensation for example when lying on your stomach. It was a pleasant experience!

Customer 2