Oona was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2020. As part of other cancer treatments, she underwent a partial mastectomy, and in addition to that, the axillary lymph nodes were completely removed. About six months after the end of radiotherapy, at the end of 2021, lymphedema began to form in her upper left limb, and she was diagnosed with lymphedema. Initially, the treatment was compression bandages. Currently, the client uses compression sleeves and gloves, mechanical compression treatments, bandages, physiotherapy, ultracold and LymphaTouch treatments to treat lymphedema.

As a side effect of cancer treatments and lymphedema, fibrotic tissue formed in the wrist area, and lymph cording formed in the upper limb and midsection, which caused pain and discomfort. LymphaTouch was an effective tool for treating these symptoms. The device treatment quickly released the hardened tissue in the wrist area and reduced pain in the treated area. The same thing happened with cording, where, according to the client, the device treatment “cut off the cording”. 

“Although the treatment pinches in certain tight spots, it is still a pleasant method of treatment”


Now LymphaTouch has established itself as part of the Oonas’ comprehensive lymphedema treatments. Every two weeks, the client visits a physiotherapist at Docrates Cancer Hospital, where LymphaTouch treatment is carried out at the end of the physiotherapy.

“During the LymphaTouch treatment, you can immediately see how the swelling decreases and relaxes the entire upper limb, making it painless. I want the treatment to be done at the end so that the effect lasts as long as possible after physiotherapy.”


You can follow the Oona’s journey with lymphedema on instagram @lymfaturvotus_lymphedema