Welcome to join and learn more about C-section scars and their management with LymphaTouch.

In this free webinar we are joined by Hannah Poulton, Owner of HLP Threapy, Women’s Health Physiotherapist, C-Section and Scar Specialist from the UK.

Hannah discusses scar tissue formation, different scar types, assessment and outcome measures for scars and then focus on scar tissue treatment techniques manually and with LymphaTouch. At the end of presentation there’s time to ask questions. 

Free webinar Tuesday 12th of December 2023

Last day for register is at Monday 11th of December. 

Hannah Poulton

Hannah Poulton is an English physiotherapist specializing in women’s health, with a focus on scar treatment. Hannah owns HLP Therapy Limited, a private clinic located in central Great Britain. Hannah has been using LymphaTouch since 2020.